Letter from the Owner


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Allow me to introduce myself, tell you a little about myself and my firm, my unique business approach, and how my skills and expertise can benefit your firm.

Business Matters Now, Inc. is an independent, full service accounting, administrative and human resources firm with 36 years of experience. Our expertise is in providing support to small and mid-size law firms, with as little or as much support as your particular needs require, with attention to detail and strict confidentiality.

We are experienced in ProLaw, PC Law, Perfect Law, QuickBooks, TABS among others, and we are able to provide complete financial support from simple to complex bookkeeping, monthly, quarterly and year-end reporting, and projection of year-end taxes. We are able to produce custom productivity reports to provide you a picture of how productive your timekeepers are and how efficient your staff is.

We have many years of experience as a Law Administrator and have a complete knowledge and understanding of the functions of human resources and law firm administration. We are also proficient in benefits coordination, able to acquire competitive rates for health insurance, supplemental insurances and professional liability insurance, providing interaction with and counseling of employees, as well. We have also been employed to conduct special accounting projects on a short term basis, including assistance with tax audits and Florida Bar trust account audits, and the like. Alternatively, we are able to provide support and assistance to your firm’s Law Office Administrator by performing specifically designated roles that will allow the Administrator to coordinate the many tasks required in the day-to-day management of a busy law practice. In whatever capacity, you decide how to best utilize our capabilities and we will proceed in a congenial and professional manner.

The major benefit to you in employing Business Matters Now is consistent, reliable work product, provided in a timely manner week after week, month after month, the peace of mind in knowing that you have an informed and capable source to answer questions you may have in areas such as employment law and how it applies to your firm, and financial planning and budgeting in the best interest of the firm. Additionally, the benefit of an impartial “second pair of eyes” will often recognize inadvertent errors that can cost you and your firm in the short and long term. I am able to report potential losses, identify waste, and predict trends, offering reliable alternatives. Our experience and knowledge of law firm accounting allows us to recognize fraud and bring it to the attention of the appropriate person, again in a professional and confidential manner.

We can provide some or all of these skills, tailoring our function with your firm to your specific needs. Our services provide an economic savings to you as well, by eliminating the costs of taxes, employee benefits and, most especially, time. We are presently providing these services to other law firms in the area and would be pleased to provide references upon request.

Please visit our website for more information about our services or feel free to contact us at (239) 417-4477 for a free confidential phone consultation as to how our firm may be of assistance to your practice.


Very truly yours,
Tania Someillan-Mustachi
Business Matters Now, Inc.