Financial Administration & Payroll Services

Business Matters Now Inc. provides a variety of Administrative Services including but not limited to Financial Services, Payroll, and other HR responsibilities.



Financial Services

Let us customize a plan of attack that will give your firm the confidence to flourish into what it has always been; A GREAT PRACTICE! With our law firm experience, we can help you run your administrative services smoothly and efficiently. We all live busy lives but there is no need to get crammed with HR responsibilities or financial responsibilities. Let us help you take care of all of that and more! We are affordable, reliable, and knowledgeable!

Our services include the following:

• Trust Accounting
Payroll Management
• Productivity Reports
• Budgeting
• Bank Reconciliations

HR Services

By using Business Matters Now Inc. to focus on time-consuming HR issues, you can save valuable time and money. Proficient in legal software and practices, we are able to procure software, IT personnel, and marketing solutions. Take advantage of a free consultation to discuss our valuable administrative services, including:

• Hire Employees
• Payroll/Benefits
• Employee Handbooks
• Terminate Employees
• Conduct Interviews
• Benefits Search
• Insurance Search
• Search/Monitor 401k Plans
• Billing
• Special Projects


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